Christian spirituality is a central theme of much of The Limelight Collective’s work and philosophy, and often a starting point in its artistic process. We encourage and aim to give a voice to collaborations within our artistic community. As our community grows, our emphasis on dance and music is being augmented by filmmaking, acting, painting and other performing and visual arts.

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Psalm Project - At the waters of Babylon

Faith and art come together for Mezzosoprano Uta Runne in Dvořák’s “Biblical Songs”. She has spent the last few years combining the song cycle with other artistic genres, in order to find a more multi-facetted portrayal of its contents and message. So far, two of the songs (numbers three and four) have been interpreted in short films by director Dorothee Frauenlob. Now, Israeli film maker Yaron Sokolov has been commissioned by The Limelight Collective to create a third film for song number seven (“An den Wassern zu Babylon” - "By the shore of the river Babylon").

The goal of the project is to encounter psalm texts in new and individual ways through the combination of visual media, song, music, text and dance. The film interpretations invite the viewer to find new relationships between old and new text genres, but also to be personally moved for a moment in their heart and soul.

A Third of the Stars

A Third of the Stars is a dance work exploring the spiritual, behavioural and societal reflections of the universal good versus evil narrative. Drawing its aesthetic from epic legend, it invites the viewer to find his place in a story larger than himself.

Sea routes

In the middle of a wild ocean, we can no longer take safety and stability for granted, and the boat we've relied on is slowly breaking apart. In the untamed depths of human experience, Meereswege explores grief, trauma, trust, and doubt.

In the middle of a wild ocean, we can no longer take safety and stability for granted, and the boat we've relied on is slowly breaking apart.

A New Heart

A toymaker magically brings his creation to life, but when she starts using her free will to destroy herself, it’s going to cost him everything to restore her.


“Initiation“ is an artistic dialogue between two artists, in which a dance piece and a (light) installation are woven together. Dance theatre work “Manhood” explores themes of masculinity and tries to identify what it means to be male. Choreographer Shaw Coleman draws inspiration from various cultural and historical understandings of manhood, as well as from performers’ own stories. The Audience moves freely through a space designed by artist Almut Siebel (light installation “Hier und Jetzt” – here and now) while “Manhood” is performed by two dancers, a musician and an actor. The performance contains original music by composer Andrew Ronning.